Marrejan Oepkes

Reatreatleader, Yogateacher Hatha, Yin & Restorative, women's wellnesscoach

From the age of 12, Marrejan was holidaying in Ibiza and at 16 she knew she wanted to live here. After finishing fashion academy in Amsterdam she had a fashion business between Ibiza and Barcelona for 17 years, but in 1987 her son was born and they came to Ibiza.

At 37 she sailed around the world for four years with her son and partner at that time, and returned to Ibiza to work for another 18 years. But the stressful jobs no longer fitted with her philosophy and passion for life. She had discovered the philosophy and science of mind, body and soul in yoga and now applies her skills as a teacher, hakomi therapist and coach to be present for the needs of each client.

“I needed to follow my heart and intuition and help others by sharing my life experiences, showing that everything is possible,” she tells us. “By offering the space for guests to heal and grow, I found happiness, passion and balance in life by making fearless changes, listening to my heartfelt desires and having healthy boundaries. The University of Life taught me everything. I am an ‘Ibiza-Retreat-Mama’, ‘professional-hugger’ and ‘tear-wiper’ and love to enable guests to rediscover their inner-smile.”

Marrejan geeft yogales en coachingssessies in het Nederlands

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